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Speaking Out For Employees Who Speak Up

If employees could be fired or disciplined for reporting wrongdoing on the part of their employers, it would discourage employees from coming forward. That is why several state and federal protections exist for employees who blow the whistle on employers regarding fraud against the U.S. government or other unlawful activities, including risks to public health and safety.

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Whistleblower Laws And Protections

Dozens of federal laws protect whistleblowers, including environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act, transportation laws such as the Federal Railroad Safety Act, and consumer protection laws such as the Consumer Financial Protection Act. In addition, New York has enacted several laws that protect whistleblowers, including a general whistleblowing protection statute for reporting a danger to public health or safety. New York has also enacted a law protecting health care employees for reporting poor-quality patient care.

Employers cannot take adverse employment action or discriminate against any employee who reports a violation of federal or state law. Importantly, however, the deadline for filing a claim of retaliation for whistleblowing can vary depending on the law involved. It is highly important to contact us as soon as possible if your employer has retaliated against you for blowing the whistle.

Qui Tam Lawsuits

The federal government offers compensation to qualifying individuals who report illegal activity and fraud against the government. If the intelligence provided to U.S. officials results in a conviction, and the information was new to the government and was a key part of obtaining the conviction, then the whistleblower may receive up to 33 percent of the damages recovered.

Qui tam lawsuits, which are lawsuits brought by an individual against a private company on behalf of the government, often involve high stakes. Millions of dollars could be at issue. That is why knowing your employment rights and obligations can be so important.

Filing A Whistleblower Claim Cannot Lead To Termination Or Other Retaliation

Most laws that prohibit certain conduct on the part of employers also provide for employee protections if an employee comes forward with information about the unlawful conduct in question. While whistleblower claims are separate from employer retaliation claims, the basic premise is the same: Employees are protected if they provide information about actions that violate a federal, state or local law.

We Will Clearly Tell You Your Legal Rights And Options Moving Forward

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