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Ensuring Employees Get Their Deserved Compensation For All Work Done

Employees deserve to be compensated for their work.

Some employers may require or encourage nonexempt employees to work outside of normal work hours, or to work from home at nights and on weekends.

Employees may be encouraged to finish projects after hours, work through lunch breaks, travel to meetings, attend a phone conference, return phone calls to customers, edit documents — all outside of (or in addition to) their normal working hours.

It is illegal to permit employees to work without proper compensation. Employers who know or should realize that a nonexempt employee is working additional hours off the clock must ensure that the employees are paid for that time. Employees may feel like they are performing their job well or helping their company by working extra hours. Many are not aware that their employers are breaking the law.

If you are working additional hours without pay, discuss your options with an employment law attorney.

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