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Employees Trust Us To Help With Their Wage And Hour Claims

Wage theft is a significant issue in the United States. Wage theft occurs in many forms, including when an employer does not pay an employee for all hours worked, or fails to pay at least the minimum wage. Employers also commit wage theft when they refuse to give employees their final paychecks, and by avoiding overtime laws through employee misclassification.

Unpaid wages remain a problem in almost all industries.

We Hold Employers Accountable For Unpaid Wages

Fortunately, you have rights under federal and state law to get the money you earned but were not paid. If you have an unpaid wage claim or unpaid overtime claim, the experienced attorneys at Katz Melinger PLLC are ready to help you.

We have built a reputation as skilled and effective litigators and negotiators in employment law matters, and have obtained notable successes in holding employers accountable for unpaid wages. You can reach us to schedule your initial consultation by calling 212-460-0047. We are in New York City and represent clients in all boroughs, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County and its surrounding areas, as well as northern New Jersey.

Many Of Our Clients Did Not Know Their Rights Until They Spoke With Us

In a competitive job market, many employers attempt to skirt wage obligations under state and federal law, knowing that employees have little choice but to accept a lower salary or increased work hours. We protect workers from wage and hour violations in a variety of industries and income brackets in matters such as:

Because we are experienced in claims for wage and hour violations, we know the questions to ask of you and your employer. We can help you document your hours worked.

We will thoroughly investigate your case and provide you with a clear, honest assessment. In addition, we will help you understand the full amount you are owed. For some violations, you may be owed more compensation than for just the number of hours you worked.

Worker Misclassification

Many wage and hour violations take the form of worker misclassification under the New York Labor Law and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

At Katz Melinger PLLC, we can help you understand whether you are legitimately exempt from the overtime requirements spelled out in the FLSA or are nonexempt and entitled to the benefits associated with that classification. For a complete analysis of whether you are owed overtime as an employee, contact our office at 212-460-0047.

We Represent Salaried Employees In Overtime Claims

Many salaried employees assume that they are not entitled to overtime simply because they are paid on a salary basis. This is one of the largest misconceptions in wage and hour law. In reality, unless your job falls under one or more specific exemptions, such as executives, administrators, professional employees, and outside salespeople, you are entitled to overtime regardless of whether you are paid by the hour or receive a weekly or annual salary.

Administrative And Management Positions

Employers may attempt to avoid paying overtime by having managers and assistant managers work long hours for salaried wages. Such positions may or may not be exempt. Whether managers and assistant managers are exempt from overtime or nonexempt and entitled to overtime depends on the amount of the salary and the job duties associated with the position. If you believe you might be entitled to overtime as a salaried employee, we can help you determine the proper course of action and whether you are entitled to overtime pay.

Speak To Our Experienced Lawyers. We Know The Right Questions To Ask.

Unpaid wages harm employees and the economic welfare of workers in a variety of industries. If you have not been paid all you are entitled to under the law, contact the knowledgeable attorneys at Katz Melinger PLLC to schedule an initial consultation. We will help you understand your rights and protect your interests. You can reach us at 212-460-0047 or online.