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Fierce Advocacy For Employees With Diverse Backgrounds

Employees in New York have the right to a safe, respectful workplace whether they are a citizen or a foreign national – regardless of immigration status.

Located in Manhattan, Katz Melinger PLLC practices employment law for businesses and workers. Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of employment matters, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage and hour disputes. We have successfully represented numerous immigrants and undocumented workers in litigation against current and former employers. No matter what your immigration status is, we will provide you skilled and dedicated representation in your claim.

The Law Protects All Workers

Many non-citizens hesitate to enforce their rights against discrimination, harassment and other unlawful employment practices at their jobs, especially if they are undocumented workers. However, New York and federal employment law protects all workers from retaliation for filing a complaint or a lawsuit against their employer. In other words, it is unlawful retaliation for your employer to fire, demote, or seek to report you to immigration services because you threatened to, or did, take legal action against them.

Our lawyers are capable of helping you put a stop to any unlawful workplace activity, such as:

  • Unpaid overtime or forced overtime
  • Payment below minimum wage
  • Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, immigration status, or other protected status
  • Sexual harassment
  • Whistleblower retaliation

We regularly resolve employment disputes in the courtroom and in out-of-court settlements. We know that you have come to us because you are faced with a toxic work environment or are owed a substantial amount of pay, so we treat your issue with the attention and promptness it deserves.

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