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At Katz Melinger, we always strive to obtain the best results for our clients. This frequently means helping them recover monetary damages, such as for unpaid wages or the emotional distress of experiencing employment discrimination, resolving business disputes or collecting on debts or judgments. Throughout the years we have settled or recovered judgments of more than $10,000,000.00 for our clients. Below is a sample of some of our successes.

Wage and Hour

Approximately $450,000 recovered in settlements for more than 50 employees of a Brooklyn valet company

Our clients were misclassified as contractors and not paid overtime by the company. As a result of our representation, more than 50 employees recovered overtime and other damages owed to them. Our clients’ actions also forced the company to correct its practices and begin properly paying its employees.

$306,593.74 awarded to three employees of a Queens towing company

Our clients won a motion for partial summary judgment, followed by a verdict after a four day trial before the Honorable Cheryl L. Pollak. The decisions awarded them over $300,000 in unpaid wages, statutory damages, liquidated damages, interest, and attorney’s fees. The case Bedasie, et. al. v. Mr. Z Towing, Inc. 13-cv-5453 (CLP), was filed in the Eastern District of New York.

$275,000 settlement for seven servers, counterpersons, cooks, and bussers of two Suffolk County restaurants

Seven employees of two small restaurants were paid less than the minimum wage, and were not paid for overtime or spread of hours. The settlement of $275,000 resulted in each of the clients receiving a significant portion of the damages alleged in the Complaint. The case, Elsy Flores, et. al. v. Tres Diamante Restaurant Inc., et. al. 18-cv-06949 (SJF-GRB), was filed in the Eastern District of New York.

$174,000 settlement for a property manager and two maintenance workers at a small family real estate company in Queens.

Our client, the property manager for a small family real estate business, was misclassified as exempt and received a settlement of $150,000 – the equivalent of over eighteen months pay. In the same lawsuit, our other two clients recovered amounts significantly higher than the overtime wages owed to them.

$115,000 settlement for a server at a Brooklyn restaurant

Our client was the victim of wage theft by a restaurant that only paid him $500 per week in tips, and gave the remaining tips he rightfully earned to other employees. The restaurant and its owner settled the matter for $115,000 – more than our client had been paid in all three years combined working for the restaurant.

$95,000 settlement for a Bronx warehouse manager misclassified as exempt from overtime

An early mediation of this case resulted in our client recovering in excess of a full year’s salary.

$90,000 settlement for a Bronx building superintendent who alleged unpaid overtime wages and other violations

Our client was a superintendent who performed extra work on weekends and at night. Despite significant factual disputes, we were able to obtain a settlement of $90,000 which was equal to approximately 3 years’ salary for our client.

$70,000 settlement for misclassified qualitative client consultant

A qualitative client consultant brought suit against a Manhattan firm which had misclassified her as exempt. She recovered more than 100% of all the overtime wages owed.

$47,500 settlement for misclassified financial advisor

A financial advisor brought suit for overtime after being misclassified as an exempt employee. The settlement of $47,500 was in excess of all unpaid wages and liquidated damages, and the equivalent of almost a full year of salary.

$40,000 Settlement (5 years of overtime) for Manhattan executive assistant misclassified as exempt from overtime

We helped our client, an Executive Assistant who brought suit for unpaid overtime after being misclassified as an exempt employee. The settlement of $40,000 was for approximately all of our client’s unpaid overtime compensation for the previous 5 years of work and the equivalent of almost one year’s salary.

Settlement of 100% of all wages owed to a Queens driver and manager at a deli

We helped our client, a driver and manager at a deli, quickly settle wage and hour claims without filing a lawsuit.  Settlement allowed our client to recover the full amount of wages owed to him, plus additional monies for liquidated damages.

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Discrimination & Retaliation

$115,000 settlement for a Queens respiratory therapist

A respiratory therapist brought suit for failure to pay overtime (including for travel time between job locations), disability discrimination and retaliation. The settlement resulted in our client recovering approximately 18 months’ salary.

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Over $2,500,000 awarded to a landlord for breach by a commercial tenant

Our client won a motion for summary judgment for breach of a guaranty of a commercial lease which had resulted in the landlord accelerating ten (10) years of rent. A judgment was entered against a former owner of Stanton Social and Beauty and Essex and we helped our client recover $2,568,555.02. The case,  ALQ, LLC v. Peter Kane Index No. 654984/2018 was filed in the Supreme Court of New York, New York County.

$60,000 settlement on a judgment against a defunct business and its former owners

We represented a real estate company seeking to collect a $100,000 judgment against a defunct company. Our enforcement efforts recovered a settlement of $60,000 from the former owners  of the company after restraining the bank account of one of the debtors.

Recovery of all monies owed from a vendor of a wholesale bagel company

We brought a lawsuit to judgment and restrained the assets of the debtor, helping our client recover 100% of the monies owed to it by a vendor.

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