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Wage And Hour/Overtime

Is your paycheck accurate?

Wage theft is a serious issue that affects millions of New Yorkers every year. If you suspect your employer is illegally withholding wages from you, your paycheck and pay stub are good places to start. What to look for New York laws require employers to provide pay...

Are you actually on the clock?

Workers deserve to be paid for every hour they work. However, some employers require employees to work off the clock -  and sometimes the employees don't know they should be paid for that time. In fact, you could be working several hours a week without getting paid....

New law closes wage theft loophole

Several federal, state and local laws protect employees’ rights, but they can be complicated to understand and interpret. For instance, New York has laws prohibiting wage theft. However, employers were able to violate the intent of the law through various loopholes....

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