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What is judgment enforcement?

When a party is successful in a civil lawsuit, the court may award that party a judgment which states that the losing side owes the successful party a sum of money. Judgment enforcement is the legal process under which the winning party attempts to satisfy the...

Four Types of Constructive Fraud Claims

Several sections of New York's Debtor and Creditor Law ("DCL"), which govern similar but distinct claims of constructive fraud, provide redress to creditors for various scenarios in which debtors conceal, move, or unlawfully distribute assets which could otherwise be...

Has Fraud Been Committed, Inadvertently?

Companies or individual debtors can commit fraud inadvertently, all while doing business (or living life) as usual. This is known as "constructive fraud," a type of voidable transaction whereby a debtor's transfer of assets is considered fraudulent to a creditor even...

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