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Seizing Assets From Property With Joint Owners

Our previous post discussed some creative ways to enforce judgments (such as seizing the contents of a debtor's safe deposit box) and alluded to the challenges of taking such actions when the account is owned jointly by the debtor and non-debtor. In this article, we...

Collecting From Defunct Businesses

Creditors with judgments are often discouraged when they hear that the company that owes them money has gone out of business. Fortunately, the state legislature has passed laws restricting corporate debtors from engaging in certain transactions involving the company's...

NYC enacts “fair workweek” law

New York City is the third U.S. city to enact legislation requiring fast-food and retail employers to provide employees with advanced notice of work schedules. For anyone who has worked fast food, retail, or other jobs that involve a flexible and non-traditional...

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