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Evidence to gather in support of retaliation claims

Published By | Aug 9, 2022 | Retaliation

Despite the fact that New Yorkers have the right to oppose illegal activities at work, such as by reporting workplace harassment or filing a complaint about dangerous work conditions, many people fear retaliation from their employer. Having specific pieces of evidence can help you protect your rights.

What information do I need?

It can be complicated to show that your employer is punishing you because you opposed or reported labor law violations. Some of the information that could prove helpful includes:

  • Emails, text messages, or voicemails from supervisors
  • Copies of formal or informal complaints you filed
  • Messages between your employer and parties accused of misconduct
  • Performance reviews
  • Invite and attendance lists for work events and meetings
  • Notices about your participation in protected activities
  • Termination letters
  • Names of any witnesses who can support your claim

This type of information could link your protected activity and the unfair, illegal punishment from your employer. It could also contradict claims by your employer that a penalty was related to poor performance or workplace violations.

Putting the pieces together

If you feel your employer punished you by wrongfully firing, demoting, or otherwise penalizing you – or if you are worried that they might retaliate against you – this information can help you protect your rights.

Even if you cannot or do not collect evidence yourself, an attorney can help you put all the pieces together to make a claim that an employer violated your rights by retaliating against you. This may enable you to get your job back and collect financial damages.

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