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You may be eligible to collect more damages than you think

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Discrimination

If you’ve been a victim of workplace discrimination, know that New York has never been more supportive of your situation, legally speaking. Under the recently passed Senate Bill S6577, individuals forced to endure discrimination now have more protection, including the option to pursue punitive damages from private employers.

When most people think of discrimination cases, their first thought is making the perpetrator (person or organization) pay their debt to the victim. That’s why this is such an important development in the New York State Human Rights Law. This new provision facilitates more recovery potential for the victim.

What are punitive damages, and why do they matter?

Punitive damages are essentially punishment for wrongdoing, paid in the form of compensation from the defendant to the victim. The payment of punitive damages holds a determination of guilt attached, which can be comforting and healing for the victim. They feel justified and heard when the judge deems such damages appropriate.

What types of businesses does this law apply to?

This provision of Senate Bill S6577 applies only to “private employers,” in other words, not a state or public entity like a government department or board.

If you or someone you know has suffered discrimination at work, know what happened is not acceptable. You deserve justice. Speak to a lawyer about your case today.

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