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Month: May 2017

Minor leaguers suing MLB over pay

When you hear about baseball players and salary, you probably think of massive contracts with large paydays. Here in New York, we've certainly seen more than our fair share of those deals from the Yankees and Mets. However, there are a group of professional baseball...

Is unlimited PTO bad for employees?

Offering unlimited paid time off (PTO) has become a trend for some companies. The policy, which is often touted as a perk, can sometimes backfire. The companies that have tried unlimited vacation policies have seen mixed results, and in some cases faced the threat of...

Restaurant chains and wage violations

The restaurant industry is often under the microscope for wage violations. With so many tipped employees on staff, it's easy to see why ensuring that all workers earn the minimum wage can be difficult.While such violations tend to occur more often at large franchises...

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