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Is Harvey Weinstein's $44M tentative settlement enough?


Harvey Weinstein and the board members of his former Hollywood studio agreed to a tentative settlement with victims connected to more than 80 claims of sexual misconduct. However, after the deal was announced in bankruptcy court, some of the plaintiffs involved in the negotiations publicly expressed their displeasure with the proposed settlement amounts, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Since the movie mogul was first accused of sexual misconduct, including rape, many actresses and colleagues who worked with Weinstein have come forward. High-profile women who made Weinstein a leading driver of the #MeToo movement include Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette and Lea Seydoux, among many others.

Testing for marijuana in job applicants is now prohibited in NYC


Both prescription and street drugs can affect mood and cognitive abilities. Many commonly used substances also carry an addiction risk. Employers therefore often want to test applicants for recent drug use.

New York does not have any state laws that restrict drug testing by employers. However, New York City passed a one-of-a-kind law on May 10 prohibiting employers from forcing job applicants to take a drug test for marijuana. They will still be able to test for other drugs.

Hashing out the #MeToo problem of sexual harassment at law firms

AdobeStock_84894953 (1).jpeg

Countless attorneys are in the business of helping victims of sexual harassment. They employ their skills, knowledge, and experience in their aggressive pursuit of justice.

Yet for an alarming number of attorneys, that specific legal practice has become personal, if not relatable. While at work, they face frequent harassment from their peer lawyers and supervisors, many in the same practice of representing victims of hostile work environments.

Workers at Trump golf course allege labor violations


More than two dozen former employees of Trump National Golf Club in Westchester alleged earlier this year that they were subjected to numerous labor violations. They claimed that management took advantage of their status as undocumented immigrants to short-change them on pay and benefits.

Labor violations recently brought to light

Employers win big in Supreme Court case involving arbitration


When involved in an employment dispute, employers prefer arbitration over traditional litigation for a number of reasons, including that it costs less than going to trial. For instance, trials take longer so are more expensive. In addition, jurors are often sympathetic to workers, so workers tend to win more money through lawsuits than in arbitration. Employers particularly try to avoid class action lawsuits involving numerous employees, which can cost even more money than resolving disputes with individual employees.

But what happens if a group of employees seeks to resolve their complaints through group arbitration, rather than individually? This was the issue in a recent case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Arbitration is an individual process

The "Good Guy" Guaranty: The Good and the Bad in Commercial Real Estate

Good Guy Guaranty Dplic 86365136.jpg

When a landlord enters into a commercial lease, they often find that the tenant is not only set up as an LLC, but has little or no assets to speak of. A tenant without significant assets presents a risk to the landlord, since the landlord may be unable to recover damages if the tenant defaults on the lease. 

Tech workers continue to report workplace violations


When it first began its meteoric rise as perhaps the world's most influential company, Google was known as a great place to work. Its relaxed, creative atmosphere made it appear as if Google was a dream job for up-and-coming developers, designers, and forward-thinkers in tech. But jobs at Google, and the tech sector in general, may not be as worker-friendly as advertised. For example, last November 20,000 Google workers staged a walkout to protest Google's internal handling of sexual harassment claims.

Westchester County joins "ban the box" movement


Westchester County has joined a growing movement to eliminate workplace discrimination against people with criminal records by "banning the box."

What is "ban the box" legislation?

Many employment applications traditionally included a box that applicants must check to indicate whether they have been convicted of a crime. Checking the box often excludes people with criminal records from being considered for the position at all.

Where there is a will to help at-will employees, there is a way

While New York workers won the recent battle for a $15.00 minimum wage, the war seems to be far from over. A powerful union is pitting itself against equally influential restaurant industry professionals. Casualties are mounting as a significant number of fast food employees are being fired for reasons that, at best, are elusive, if they exist at all.

New York City Councilman Brad Lander, who previously helped to enact legislation to protect freelancers and increase wages for rideshare drivers, is on the front lines of the fight, leading the charge to require fast food businesses to show just cause for terminating its employees. Lander points out that employers' practice of firing "at will" employees for no reason is not based on any law that affords employers that right. Enacting mandates, once exclusive to unions, and converting said mandates into law could provide employees the protections they need. In his proposal before the City Council, Lander is also mandating that employees be provided an appeals process via arbitration.

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