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Collecting a Judgment Against the Founder of a Startup

Collecting a Judgment Against the Founder of a Startup

Savvy creditors can employ various strategies to enforce judgments and collect on debts. Our next several posts highlight real-world scenarios, each of which illustrates a different technique that can be used to enforce judgments.

Another court win for truckers

Your rights as an independent contractor can seem a bit murky. You may be entitled to some employment protections, but not others. This is particularly true if you drive a truck as an independent contractor. Employment protections have been at times hard to come by for drivers.

But drivers do have legal protection. A recent post on the blog highlighted a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing arbitration in wage-and-hour disputes in transportation. In what appears to be another win for truckers, a recent appeals case in New Jersey has helped make your employment rights easier to define.

New Jersey approves gradual minimum wage increase to $15/hour


Recently, the New Jersey Legislature approved gradually increasing the minimum wage for most workers to $15.00 an hour over the next five years. New Jersey already increased its minimum wage slightly on January 1, 2019 to $8.85 an hour. Most workers can expect to see another raise on July 1, 2019, when the minimum wage will rise to $10.00 an hour. Thereafter, employees will see a tiered increase over time, as follows:

  • January 1, 2020: $11.00 an hour
  • January 1, 2021: $12.00 an hour
  • January 1, 2022: $13.00 an hour
  • January 1, 2023: $14.00 an hour
  • January 1, 2024: $15.00 an hour

    3 Important Provisions to Protect Plaintiffs When Drafting a Settlement Agreement

    3 Important Provisions to Protect Plaintiffs When Drafting a Settlement Agreement DPLIC 65751429.jpg

    Settling a lawsuit is generally viewed as a positive step for plaintiffs. Not only is the case effectively over, but the defendant typically agrees to provide the plaintiff with money or some other consideration in exchange for a release of claims and other promises made by the plaintiff under the agreement. However, an unwitting plaintiff can suffer unexpected consequences if the plaintiff's attorney doesn't take special care when drafting and negotiating the terms of the settlement agreement. 

    Reports indicate widespread sexual harassment, bullying at UN


    Last week, the United Nations released a survey indicating that as many as a third of its employees experienced sexual harassment in the past two years. In December, UNAIDS reported that its leadership had failed to address pervasive claims of sexual harassment and bullying. And last year, Oxfam staffers were accused of soliciting sex in post-earthquake Haiti.

    The U.N., nongovernmental organizations, and international charities -- the "aid industry" -- may be especially prone to such issues, according to a recent story by NPR. Both legal and practical issues may contribute to the problem.

    Age discrimination much more common than many people think

    AdobeStock_6294693.jpegWhen we picture how our careers will go, most of us assume that, by the time we're in our 50s, we will have built up skills, knowledge and experience that will make us valuable resources for our employers. We will be in a steady job -- perhaps at a company where we've been working for years. We will be in our prime earning years and working on a solid plan for retirement.

    A new analysis suggests that picture is unduly rosy. The nonprofit newsroom ProPublica and the Urban Institute dug into the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), which has been following the health and economic security of a nationally representative group of 20,000 people over 50 since 1992. The HRS, which is funded by the government and administered by the University of Michigan, is widely considered a gold-standard source of information about this age group.

    Many New Yorkers started the year with a pay raise


    Minimum-wage workers in New York are ringing in the New Year with a significant boost to their paychecks. The increase, which took effect December 31, 2018, moves hourly pay closer to the $15 an hour that fast-food workers and other low-wage employees have been advocating for since 2012.

    Pay raise breakdown

    Even During Litigation, Courts Can Protect You As a Creditor

    Even During Litigation, Courts Can Protect You As a Creditor

    A plaintiff only becomes a judgment creditor after a judgment is entered in the lawsuit. Once a party makes the transformation from plaintiff to judgment creditor, the law provides for additional rights and remedies to protect the creditor against fraud by the debtor. But what options does a plaintiff have during the litigation, before a judgment is entered, if the defendant starts disposing its assets by moving them to family members, affiliated entities, or other "insiders"? 

    Harassment increases for female Uber and Lyft drivers

    Many women fear the possibility of harassment or assault in their workplace. And the fear only grows when it comes to female drivers in the ridesharing industry.

    Recently, Bloomberg explored the growing epidemic of assaults and harassment for female drivers who work through different ridesharing apps, including Uber and Lyft. Many female drivers recounted inappropriate experiences with customers while working, including sexual harassment.

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