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Sexual Harassment Archives

Preventing sexual harassment

It can be difficult and distressing to read about sexual harassment cases. Often, we highlight specific issues related to sexual harassment or speak about the topic broadly because employees and employers need to be aware of sexual harassment and know how to spot it in the workplace.

Uber adopts changes in attempt to curb harassment

Following allegations of sexual harassment and other issues regarding mistreatment of its employees, Uber hired the law firm of former Attorney General Eric Holder to lead a probe into the company's workplace culture. Holder and his colleagues recently delivered a list of 10 recommendations to the board members.

Former Thinx CEO accused of harassing employees

When you think of sexual harassment, you likely think of a man harassing a woman, and most cases of sexual harassment do involve a male harassing a female.  However, there are cases that don't fit the stereotype, including women harassing women, men harassing men and women harassing men.

The importance of workplace culture

When an employee experiences discrimination or some other unlawful conduct at work, it's usually not because the employer is unaware of its obligations under the law. In fact, many employers have their own rules and policies prohibiting the same kinds of activity made illegal by federal, state and local laws.

Learning from those who have experienced sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace. Although it is more common for the harassment to come from a male employee harassing a female coworker, this is an oversimplification of the issue. Men can and often are subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, and the harasser and the victim can be the same gender.

How employers can prevent sexual harassment

The laws on sexual harassment in the workplace are clear. No employee should be subjected to any unwanted physical contact, comments of a sexual nature, or other conduct that creates a hostile work environment, and employers have a duty to create a work environment free from any such harassment.

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